Battery Features

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SMF Technology

  • Positive electrodes with special composition of active mass and semi-synthetic membrane
  • Optimum double-sided pasting and curing of plates (electrodes)
  • Strengthened internal construction of the battery
  • Sealed (hermetic) battery casing
  • Lid equipped with flash arrestors

Galaxy SMF Batteries

  • Very high perfomance, intended for vehicles with a large amount of current consumers
  • Increased service life and cycle life; up to 2 times longer than of standard batteries
  • High stability and resistance to high temperatures in the engine compartment - High safety of use (explosion-proof inserts and tightness of battery allow it to be used also in the passenger compartment or in the trunk)
  • High vibration resistance
  • Reliable start even at the load of a large number of current consumers
  • Perfect solution for vehicles with large number of accessories and frequent starting cycles (urban cycles), utility vehicles (e.g. taxis)

Technical Characteristics

  • Available in basic sizes of casings
  • Flash arrestors and central degassing system built in a battery lid
  • Labyrinth system
  • Flexible exit through central degassing system
  • Charging indicator
  • Post protectors
  • Integrated handle
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